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AMG Studio is a multidisciplinary office that deals with architecture design, spatial planning, construction supervision and consulting. In his long practice we have realized a number of projects throughout Croatia. We insist on providing excellent services, constant investment in employee development and technological support. The work of the office is based on the policy of creating ideas, promoting the development of society and the economy, attracting foreign capital to Croatia and encourage large investors to invest. AMG Studio was founded by Božidar Gorički 1992 in Sveti Križ Začretje. Due to the increased number of projects in Zagreb, in 1998 we have opened a branch office in Zagreb. IWe employ a staff of 20 employees,  engineers and technicians with good personal references. In our work we deal with the design of buildings of various sizes, types and purposes. Arhitectural design is done independently or in cooperation with a reliable electrical and mechanical authorized designers, regardless of the type or complexity of the project. Our policy work involves continuous improvement, development and our projects are often initiated just by ourselves, realized by attracting investors on the basis of our self-concept designs.



The quality of space permanently affects the quality of life that takes place in this space. Our mission is to permanently take care of the space giving it a purpose and identity. Our creativity results in quality and innovative projects that fully meet the needs of our customers for mutual benefit and satisfaction. We believe the financial responsibility of the architect and the project is not measured by its price, but the effect the project has on the individual and on society.





With our work we strive to contribute to the development of the environment in which we operate. Continuous improvement and modernization strive to fulfill all the expectations and needs of customers and to create added value and services. We are trying to do our work recognizable and recognized on a wider level, creating complete projects based on local characteristics with the adoption of cutting-edge technology.


Arhitectural design is done independently or in cooperation with a reliable electrical and mechanical authorized designers, regardless of the type or complexity of the project. Design objects are residential, residential - commercial, commercial buildings and infrastructure facilities.


Designing inludes:


  • Conceptual solutions

  • Preliminary projects

  • Main projects

  • Implementing projects

  • Study and built projects

  • Cost etimate



Land surveying and Land Registry documentation


Supervision of construction works carried out in accordance with the technical and administrative standards and includes oversight of the project, monitoring the quality of performance, control costs and control of work progress. Activities included in control of the construction works are:


  • Review and determine the situation on the ground for the purpose of site preparation and introduction to work

  • Control of the technical documentation for performance in terms of completeness, accuracy, materials used

  • Quality control of performed works and materials with the necessary measurements,review of documentation confirming the quality of work and taking measures to correct any deficiencies

  • Recording through the construction diary and other documentation of all activities and events for the execution of importance for the final assessment of the quality and calculation and  to give investors timely report

  • Monitoring and verification of the situation in order to determine the veracity and accuracy of performed works in cooperation with the contractor prepares calculation for final showdown

  • Participation in the process of handover and final calculation and to perform other tasks related to the investment in question on the basis of the authorization given by investors


Spatial planning includes the preparation of spatial planning documents of all levels, from the spatial plan of the local government to the urban and detailed urban plans.
Consulting is a consultation and assistance to the investor in the investment. Studio offers help in obtaining the necessary permits and performing technical tasks on behalf of investors.


Consulting involves the analysis, selection and assessment of the location with the administrative check, followed by the design, location permit, obtaining a building permit, cost estimations, and control of the construction works.

Our quality was reconized by European Union institutions in support  of our project entitled:


The project is co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund.

The purpose of the project is to raise the competitiveness of our office to obtain the latest software CAD and BIM technology, which will enable easier, faster and better development and implementation of projects with an emphasis on raising the level of their presentations in addition with plotters which will increase the image quality and reduce print time. The project includes the following elements:

  1. Supply of hardware and software

  2. Staff training

  3. Publicity and visibility

  4. Project management and administration

The implementation of the project improve the business processes in the creation of services, sales process and strategic planning as a whole. Educating employees to work in the latest technology contributes to the development of the company as a whole and creates a better environment to work and progress. New work tools will contribute to the quality of service and customer satisfaction.

The overall objective of the project is focused on the development of SMEs and the development of new competencies and maintaining jobs. Specific objectives are focused on improving existing business processes by introducing new technologies that contribute to the development of the competitiveness of companies and employment. Expected results concern the increase in sales revenue, driven by investments in small and medium enterprises in Krapina Zagorje, preserved jobs and employment of min. 1 new person.

The total value of the project is 405,570.86 KN and the total amount of the grant of the European Union amounts to 258,890.99 KN.

The project will be carried out from February 2017 to September 2017.

Contact person:

Ema Gorički Mihovilić

adress: Trg hrvatske kraljice Jelene 2

               49223 Sveti Križ Začretje

tel:         + 385 49 501 056

faks:      +385 49 228 181

Contact relevant institutions:

Europski strukturni investicijski fondovi

The contents of this publication are the sole responsibility of AMG studio company.

EU fonds
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