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Reconstruction and upgrading of special hospital - construction of new hospital units, and wellness with reconstruction of the building of beach restaurant








Project team

Danijel Blažok, Božidar Gorički, Aleksandra Brdovečki Biđin, Ema Gorički, Lovro Gorupec, Lana Kurilj, Mario Kvež, Katarina Vrhovec


Special hospital for medical rehabilitation Biokovka



Main design - phase 1 - construction of new reception and hotel units

Biokovka is very specific public entity that incorporates health and tourism component. Under this project, it is necessary to use the mentioned specificity, to strike a balance between the above units and raise the competitiveness of the institution in the ministry of health tourism. Investor commissioned project design documentation for the reconstruction and expansion of the existing hospital building in order to raise the quality and variety of health and tourism offer and raise the quality of services. While it is anticipated that the intervention on the reconstruction of the building carried out in stages, the project is approached comprehensively, taking into account that certain stages complement in form and function. The concept design of the building is led by location with the dominant vision of the Biokovo mountain on the north side and pine trees forest on the south. The basic concept of the new building is based on the rational perception of space, respecting the existing building and its technical guidelines and analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the existing building and requirements of investors, resulting the following conclusions:
- To increase the number of units will be built new accommodation part of the western, undeveloped and non-wooded part of the plot
- Deluxe accommodation units will ensure the construction of three villas on the western part of the plot, in the southern continuation of the new object
- New therapeutic facilities will locate in the area of ​​today's entrance hall and reception using the existing entry, and for the accommodation part of the complex new entrance hall with a reception will be built on board of the existing kitchen
-New pool and spa facilities will locate below the existing pool with a common technique that is the most rational and most economical solution.
To connect those new facilities, it was necessary to establish communication between them which served as a unifying element of the entire complex in terms of design - glass verticals that descends from the space of the new entrance hall and, on the basement level, branches out in two directions - toward wellness on the east side and a new property on the west. Between these communications and the existing building a series of atrium gardens were created, trying as far as possible to preserve the valuable existing greenery. In this way, the essence of BIOKOVKA is kept as end point of the urban fabric completely grown together in the natural environment of sun, sea and pine trees, natural oasis for relaxation and healing.
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