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Conceptual study of sport and recreational trail Zabok-Sveti Križ Začretje-Krapina



Zagorje County





Project team

Božidar Gorički, Ema Gorički, Lovro Gorupec, Mladen Vragović



Independent project



Preliminary study

This study explores the possibility of connecting Zabok and Krapina along the planned and partially built motorway. The route of that road has been recognized as a high quality factor linking the two cities. Along the road, a project developed by the company Traficon Ltd. plans to design for agriculture purposes. After examining the situation on the ground is evident that the space between the planned and partly by building roads and highways that parallel stretches from the eastern side gives little agriculture benefit ,almost nothing. Therefore, this study proposes the conversion of the mentioned in a sport corridor leading to two city center in the heart of the Zagorje County and to connect also with bicycle track, not only road.
The project of construction of sport and recreational trail is divided into three phases that follow the phased construction of the road Zabok-Krapina. The first phase includes the route of Zabok - Sveti Križ Začretje, the second phase of the Sveti Križ Začretje - Dukovec, a third-Dukovec Krapina.Recreational riding is recognized as an important potential and as a way of reviving the tradition of horse breeding. 13 km long sport and recreational trail in the heart of the Croatian Zagorje could become strong attractive tourist factor resulting in the revival of tourism.
Cycling and sport today are an important part of tourism, a healthy life and encouraging projects  has a strong foothold in the financing by the European Structural Funds. The planned sport and recreational trails open alternative possibilities of movement and recreation for the local population. Along the route identified a series of high-quality experience of space. The basic quality of the route consists of the aforementioned views of the north and south.
There are four key points for the formation of smaller lay-by:
O1 - Podnožje kapele sv. Antuna s ruševinama kurije Zaboky i pašnjakom obližnje farme konja
O2 - Križanje s cestom iz Grabrovca definirano proplankom smještenim između tri kanala koji se na ovoj točki ulijevaju u Rijeku Krapinicu
O3 - Križanje s cestom Švaljkovec - Mirkovec iznimno bitno zbog neposredne blizine željezničke postaje - koncept "bike and ride"
O4 - Ušće potoka Šemnice u rijeku Krapinicu
O5 - Križanje s cestom Mirkovec - Sveti Križ Začretje  definirano ladanjskom kućom motorističkog kluba.

The sport and recreation trail was designed by two lanes intended bicycle and pedestrian traffic and one trotting . The width of each is 2.0 m which gives a total width of 6.0 m. The existing gravel field path has a total width of 3-4.0 m. The study foresees its expansion. Pedestrian road will be performed in the asphalt, while the trotting track forms in the clay layer. The entire length of the route provides for the planting of the avenue of trees that in some places are integrated with the existing greenery. The existing vegetation is indexed and integrated into the design solution. Canals and waterways that touch land sporadically revive the aquatic vegetation. Planting new greenery is not treated as a mere greening because on this location is not necessary, but as a means of complementing and building spatial relationships. The landscape design becomes a framework of events on the track as well as on the supporting rest areas.
Resting areas are treated as smaller expansion along recreational path, a place to stay and rest in the greenery. Equipped with the elements of urban furniture such as:  area to seat and rest, pavilions and kiosks, waste baskets, pastures and elements of urban lighting. In designing of resting areas its very important that this elements are elements of sustainable and green construction - solar lamps, solar chargers for electric bicycles, solar roofs...
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