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Project of shopping center with 3 commercial units and urbanistic design of Trg slobode







Project team

Danijel Blažok, Aleksandra Brezovečki Biđin, Romana Budiselić, Božidar Gorički, Ema Gorički Mihovilić, Lovro Gorupec, Marijana Kalčić


Trgocentar d.o.o.



Main project


Project is located in historical center of city of Zlatar, along Varaždinska street, north of the County Court building and its access square. Due to historical and environmental value of the site the project included  a comprehensive solution to urban location including urban design of "Trg slobode" in front of the District Court, the existing unregulated parking areas located west of the square and the subject particles to build a shopping center.

The building of the shopping center is retracted from the access street so the construction would not jeopardize the existing structure of the street series. The new building of the shopping center is "softly" placed in the interior of the plot and with its elongated form it calls the memory of traditional outbuildings in a courtyard of historic urban plots. Dislocating of the building of shopping center as big-scale object corresponds with position of the building of County Court. The structure of the street row remains intact, and the construction of large solids was dislocated in the background, behind the historic structure of the village. In addition to thus preserve views and ambience of space, and it forms and arranges urban space closed by the street row on the west side, a shopping center on the north, Palace of Justice in the East and horticultural area with trees in the south. Conceptually, the building is conceived as an elongated solid with sloping hipped roof with a pitch of 30 ° which evokes the memory of traditional economic structures in the courtyards of town houses. Accordingly, the building is fully lined with square roof tiles  in clay / sand tons - the traditional material that is in the present project applied in a completely modern way, not only as a headliner, but also lining the facade of the building. The facades of the building dissolve large glass walls, which is also a modern element that contributes to the particularities of the building, especially in the evening in combination with lighting.

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