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Construction of the replacement administrative building with residential units for the complex needs of the Special hospital for medical rehabilitation Biokovka








Project team

Dragutin Galunić, Božidar Gorički, Suzana Matić, Marijana Kalčić



Special hospital for medical rehabilitation Biokovka

Bruto building surface

1 112,78 m2



Main design

Based on the preliminary project of reconstruction of the Special Hospital for Medical Rehabilitation Biokovka undertook the creation of the main project for the construction of replacement building at the site of the existing accommodation annexes. The present annex is a rectangular two-storey building, external dimensions of 14.40 x 10.06 m, respectively 14,40x11,98 with terrace in the basement. The building was built in 1961. It consists of four apartments in the basement level and four apartments in the ground floor level. It was built on the ground in the fall, and each floor has direct access to the external field. The new building is placed in the place of the existing annexes. Its irregular polygonal shape soft sits in place and follows formal guidelines of the neighboring building. The main purpose of the building is the administrative; it will be on four levels (basement, ground floor, first floor and second floor) to locate offices in store for the administration of the entire complex. In addition to administrative space, the building will house two apartments for rent. The apartments are located on the top third floor. By moving into the new administration building, the existing building of the Special Hospital for Medical Rehabilitation will open 345 m2 to be converted into accommodation units or therapeutic facilities. The building is located in the construction area and architecturally designed in a way that its external appearance fits into ambient, so it does not disturb the existing spatial relationships surrounding buildings. The roof is flat, the facades covered plastering or stone finish.
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